Oops. New, good jobs really come from Big Co’s

As the credibility of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “fun with numbers” experiments and other selective reporting methods metastasize and come into greater focus, we learn this weekend that “new experimental studies” by researchers there have discovered that American jobs are not really created by small business, but by big business. Oops.

After almost four full years of mass layoffs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics from “big corporations” which clearly staggered the jobs economy, the BLS and its apologist economists and journalists are now saying that the politicians and government policies have had it all wrong this whole time. Who would have known? I wonder what else the stewards have misunderstood for so long.

According to the USA Today and the New York Times, certain professional economists apparently support this view - and “they’re non partisan too”. Their solution: even more incentives for the big corporations and fewer incentives for small business owners. Advocacy for more collectivism now raised to the power of two. Socialism + corporatism = elitism with a diminishing middle class.

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Paul Devitt

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Paul Devitt is the Editor of Job Box Report. He has over 20 years of experience as a C-level officer and entrepreneur working for public, private, and professional firms. He has started or turned around dozens of businesses and companies. Professionally, he is a lawyer and certified public accountant.
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One Response to Oops. New, good jobs really come from Big Co’s

  1. Don P. says:

    Jobs aren”t created by small business? Jeez these bureaucrats will say or do anything to keep their taxpayer funded useless research grants going. I”m sure they”re chuckling at their wiliness at the local small business owned tavern enjoying a taxpayer paid lunch with cocktails.

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