Advantages of Working for a Big Company

Big CompanyA large company can be a great place to jumpstart your career.

When looking for a new job, don’t overlook large, Fortune 500 companies.  Many job seekers feel large companies are slow moving and lack real innovation.  There are some good reasons to include large companies on your target list for your next role.

When you join a large company, you will likely be challenged with more complex problems, larger budgets, and significant responsibilities.  Many large companies have grown through acquisition and diversified into multiple businesses.  By joining a single company, you may have the opportunity to get exposed to broad business capabilities and develop business insights across multiple lines of business.  You will need to work with multiple parts of the organization to accomplish tasks and need to keep a broader group of stakeholders informed.   You’ll learn when and how to best communicate and how to navigate sometimes complex relationships to achieve your goals. Your communication skills and relationship management skills will be exercised daily helping you hone these skills in ways you would never experience at a small company.

Additionally, managing talent and coaching and mentoring opportunities will be more available in a larger company, which can provide you with even more focus on your leadership and organizational management skills.  The larger and more dispersed geographically the team, you’ll learn how to influence and drive change in and set strategy that will be complex and far reaching.

Another benefit of a large company, is that you will have opportunities to move into a new role or team and experience an entire new industry without leaving the company.
Many large organizations will periodically move the talent to provide multiple growth opportunities to create a more well rounded work force.

Large companies often offer additional benefits and perks over small companies such as access to on-site day care, exercise equipment and classes, discounts on products and services and some may even have on-site day care.

Before you jump to a startup or small company because you fear a large company may not provide the learning and growth you are looking for, consider making your next stop a large company.  The skills you will obtain will make give you some instant credibility as a business leader and help get you prepared for any sized company.

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Diana Q. Rehnberg has over 25 years of IT leadership experience in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management, Package Implementations and Global Application Delivery. Diana's experience spans multiple industries including Retail, Financial Services, Transportation and Government. A graduate of the University of St. Thomas, Diana holds a BA in Computer Science and a MS in Software Design and Development.
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