Persons Not in Labor Force at New Record

The Labor Department gave more positive labor market signals today by announcing an improvement in the U-3 Unemployment rate from 8.3% to 8.2%, thus “providing further evidence of the ‘recovering’ economy”.  Amazing, truly. For those of you that enjoy the illusions of bread and circuses, read no further; please return to the matrix.

The Persons not in the Labor Force reached a new record of almost 88 million Americans. Drop people from the labor force, and presto, an improved unemployment rate. If real business could only function this way, we could all live on the beach and never have to work. Wall Street gets to function like this too by changing prices on a computer with other people’s money.

The manufacturing of  a false economic reality is in full force by the government and the corporate controlled mainstream press. This economy remains entirely supported by unprecedented levels of government spending stimulus and arguably the most reckless monetary policy in the history of mankind. There’s no shortage of money to create the Great Illusion- at least for now. Same Fed strategies. Same beneficiaries.

More and more people are working for less and less income, and fewer and fewer people are actually participating in the labor force than ever before. For growing numbers of people, the disconnection between what is reported in the mainstream and what is in their direct experience is expanding wider and deeper and at a faster rate. Healthy skepticism is a good thing. Your liberty and wallet depend upon it.

The sugar rush of the trillions and trillions of dollars pumped into this economic mess has obviously provided some economic activity, but like a diet comprised mainly of  Easter candy, it can not sustain one’s long term health although it tastes good at the time -especially those vanilla cream eggs. The “too big to fail” banks like Citibank, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman, Morgan Stanley are paying big bonuses, and others like AIG, FNMA, FHLMC all still have their doors open for business and the bailout continues.

No destructive capitalism allowed for the “big bankers” by the central bankers and planners-they can spread around the losses through future inflation and taxes - especially on the shrinking middle class. Meanwhile, the public sector, federal government workforce has also grown nicely during the great financial crisis. The total tab is a combined cost of probably 100 times the S&L bailout or $20 trillion, yet virtually no one has been prosecuted, and those responsible are not only still governing, but have had their power expanded. We should be thanking Treasury and the Fed. “Financial holes have been plugged and [altogether repeat] the financial system has been saved.”

Maybe the matrix is safer after all, at least there’s food stamps.

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Paul Devitt

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Paul Devitt is the Editor of Job Box Report. He has over 20 years of experience as a C-level officer and entrepreneur working for public, private, and professional firms. He has started or turned around dozens of businesses and companies. Professionally, he is a lawyer and certified public accountant.
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3 Responses to Persons Not in Labor Force at New Record

  1. Jean Devitt Brown says:

    I wish I could use the Department of Labor”s methodology in statistics in my business. If small business could use this method on their balance sheets….wow…we could with a delete of a computer button eliminate all of our liabilities. Why can the government have a magic wand and we cant?
    I don”t think that is fair! I thought we were a country of fairness?

  2. Gordon says:

    Great commentary. Trust no numbers published by government”s or financial sectors as it relates to ”real economic” status. As example try this; go to Treasury web site, inflation calculator. Put the cost of you house and date when purchased, calculate the present inflated value. Surprise!!! Reality is Government and Business have a stake in growth through inflation. Read “Money Mischief” by Friedman, it makes it all so clear.

  3. Don P. says:

    Exciting new weight loss device for central bankers! Guaranteed 8 pound loss in 10 seconds!

    (show guillotine picture here)

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